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Dreamfacta (Fotis Vazakas)

Βorn 30 November ’87 – Thessaloniki #skg

my identinty

|experimental  multidisciplinary artist

|creative Food Chef  (in natural nutrition)

|Civil Engineer (BA in structural & architecture design)

|Post astrologer & archetypist

(into Esoteric spiritual arts study & tarot consultanting)

Βorn 30 November ’87 – Thessaloniki #skg

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karmasu.art – life project – what is it ?

Salute my imaginary friends, i am  Fotis (dreamfacta) , an independent creator (with a constant involvement in the field of visual, handmade and digital arts, also working in the field of spiritual arts and gastronomy.

karmasu.art, life-project is an hybrid creative space and a post-gallery .Inside here i have gathered all my creative, spiritual ,experiential  and holistic approach towards life. 

Karmasu. consists of  all the colors of my personality. 

| The e-shop Marketplace of my art lab products (karmasu.artlab) ,

|my artistic photographic, text-poetry, digital art, experimental projects as (Dreamfacta) experimental artist

and my other two Blogs based in my love on Esoteric practises and Gastronomy and natural diet.

| (Foodie.healer) 

| (Karmasu.spoon | Astral Project) 

Creativity without limits or borders !

Everyone’s  path will always be strange and multifaceted, mine so far has gone through various shades. I started studying as a Civil Engineer with Architectural education , before I even achieved this goal but also after too , the love for my innate tendency for gastronomy  led me to a 10+ year trip to the professional kitchens, while at the same time during these years I have maintained, worked, learned, created and studied to  photography, graphic arts ,creative art works . Finally i have been making my own dialogue in the research of esoteric archetypes, the language of inner astrology and numbers.
Through all this journey came a day where finally the vision was to combine and mix all this in this life  project that is the approach of my holistic perspective on life.


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