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Dreamfacta  | Born 1987 (30/11) Greece / living in Thessaloniki (GR)

email: minivf@yahoo.gr
Personal instagram: @hermesandthesky
Artlab/shop  instagram: @karmasu.artlab


 For information,enquiries or just to say hello, feel free to leave a message.

(GR) Πειραματιστής, αυτοδίδακτος στο ευρύτερο εικαστικό και οπτικό – ακουστικό κομμάτι των τεχνών και του σύγχρονου με επιρροές από προσωπικά βιώματα, την ψυχολογία και την εννοιολογική τέχνη. Αναμιγνύει σκέψεις και μέσα από αυτές χτίζονται συνθέσεις που ακροβατούν ανάμεσα στο απόκρυφο, στις σύγχρονες έννοιες ενός φανταστικού νεο-σαμανισμού, των λέξεων και της στιγμής. Με έναν άτυπο άξονα την ανάγκη της ενδοσκόπησης, τα μέσα που χρησιμοποιεί ποικίλουν, άλλες φορές η φωτογραφία κυριαρχεί, άλλες πάλι δημιουργεί υβρίδια έκφρασης με διάφορα μέσα και υλικά, ώστε να κυριαρχεί η ελευθερία της έκφρασης μέσα στο σύνολο ολιστικά. Δεν έχει σημασία το μέσο. Αλλά αυτός ο άλλος εαυτός που γεννιέται μέσα από τη φαντασία. Καθετί που δίνει τροφή στο πνεύμα.
(Πτυχιούχος πολιτικός μηχανικός με παράλληλη επαγγελματική ζωή ως Food chef. Ζει και δραστηριοποιείται στη Θεσσαλονική δείχνοντας και εξελίσσοντας τη δουλειά του μέσω του εργαστηρίου του Karmasu.artlab, έχει συμμετάσχει σε γκαλερί και εικαστικές διοργανώσεις ως πειραματικός εικαστικός.)
(ENG)Experimenter, self taught working on a wide range between visual and audio visual arts. Through personal experiences, modern art styles, psychology and conceptual art inspirations. Sometimes he blends thoughts and make art pieces that coexist inside occult, symbolism and modern ways like an imaginary neo-shamanism of now. In most of the work there is a secret need of introspection and the mediums vary through photography and digital hybrids. There is no such importance in the medium but in the new persona that is being born through imagination. Anything that could feed the spirit .(Bachelor in civil engineering, working at the same time as a creative food chef. Lives and creates in Thessaloniki showing his work through his artspace Karmasu.artlab, he has participated in art gallery and visual art exhibitions as an experimental visual artist, photographer and illustrator.)


( BIO – CV)


Balaclava Q – An International Queer Art Collective  | TACTIC ONE  (2107)

Τέχνη – Μη τέχνη (εκδόσεις Πικραμένος, 2016) – RECULTURE#4 FESTIVAL
LIFO –  Dreamfacta – Street Collective 

To Pikap art community – Thessaloniki SKG


2020 | Collective Exhibition in collab with  The Display Project . Art & Social Space project Forests Within  Mixed media reused artworks

2020 |  Collective Exhibition in collab with @topikapartcommunity  in Thessaloniki  Mixed media artworks  at Casa Bianca, Municipal Art Gallery.

2018 | Collective Exhibition  ΑRTIN3BIDS , Gallery ΜYRO (Thessaloniki)

Uncertainties series ( Mixed media, Poetry ,fine art & Crafts)

2017-now | Karmasu. artlab –Creative experimental art lab based in  craft arts ,re-use art education  and fine arts. ( On going lab)

2016  Collective exhibition  – Random eyez (to randomize)  democracy

( Experimental comic book , digital illustration, text poetry)

Visual art bienalle , Patras city  RE CULTURE #4 , (Art in progress)

Curators: Thanasis Moutsopoulos

Publications: Art – Non art  (Πικραμένος, 2016)

2014-  Draumar by Gestus ft. Dreamfacta – web project (sound composition)

Experimental Sound Collaboration with Cygnus, on Gestus Music Controller  (link 1)


Πειραματική μουσική )  Gestus – Draumar feat. Dreamfacta

2014  Thessaloniki Street Collective -Individual Exhibition

(Urban Photography ,graphic art poster)

*In Collaboration with Made In Thessaloniki #3  art festival  and Parallaxi Magazine.

  Winning exhibition on MAKE ART photo & graphic contest. 

-Thessaloniki(GR) Kantina Tropikana artbar.

2014  THE FOOL360 S.F.Festival  (short film -Scriptwriter, Sound composer & editor

2013  7th Photoday ContestCollective Exhibition (Analog Photography)

-Thessaloniki (GR), State Museum of Contemporary art – (link)

2010  A3  festival Collective Exhibition (Visual n digital art in paper print)

Athens(GR), Xilino Steki, Athens School of fine Arts –(link)



2012  Volunteer –  52th Thessaloniki International Film Festival

2014  Photography & Editing seminars – Photography Club of Thessaloniki  Architecture School (Φ.Λ.Α.Σ)

2019  Workshop – Polis , Public art & social engagement. (Labbatoir social art space, Thessaloniki , parrallel to 1st Thessaloniki Design week) 


2004 – 2012  Technological Educational Institute of Serres – Greece School of Technological Applications – Bachelor degree on Civil Engineering and building constructions & Certificate in Architectural and Building Design & in use of computers and basic programming

2020 – Open Greek University in Training and Lifelong Learning Program of the Ionian University. (ΚΕ.ΔΙ.ΒΙ.Μ)

Audio and Video Department. – Art in the Information Age. – Physical Computing | Arduino. -Interactive Arts & Performance / Body Time & Space. Field: Art, Technology, Science, Society- OPEN ART, Education, 


2007 – 2018 

Parallel professional experience as Food Chef .(there is an optional cv available)

Wine tasting seminars

Food editor, Music author , Street photo blogger ( Thessaloniki street collective  blog, Suckmycoook blog, dreamfacto blog, Roua Mat magazine )

 Astrology and Inner arts & Tarot consultant  (Inner Astrology  Author at Exostis Magazine -2014)





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