Karmasu.artlab is a hybrid creative brand, concept marketplace & post e-gallery .

 art & designs are a combination of #eco, #reuse based, mixed media, handcrafted technics, fine art and fresh & digital design.

In and About the Lab

Through the years i create Signature ,unique , Fine art, Sculptures, Conceptual art and crafts, Custom personalized art, Pop art items, Balance Boards, Digital art, Prints and Wearable printed and handcrafted art, based into eco and sustainable approach.

Below are the categories of my creative range you can shop in my concept store through my online marketplace or contact me for more inquiries or collaborations.

Art categories

WHAT do i create ? | Τι δημιουργώ ;

01 Signature art & Sculptures

This category of karmasu. creations is based on original, unique, experimental, fine art creations based artworks, mixed media on handcrafted  canvas paper, wood,ceramics, 3 & 4 dimensional art series & various materials.

3d frame mixed media nails,threads,color on wood reuse, original design

3d frame mixed media nails,threads,color on wood reuse, original design

3d frame mixed media nails,threads,color on wood reuse, original design

ink, acrylics on handcrafted reuse based canvas

02 Concept Design & pop Articrafts

this karmasu. category is made of conceptual items or series of products made for gifts, decoration, interaction, seasonal or daily use. This section contains, light based crafts, calendar, balance boards, birdhouses and creations of popular use made out of karmasu. aesthetics. Also Pop art inspired creations on mixed media 2D & 3D frames & 4D figures , combining string art, acrylics, painting, embroidery & string art technics on wood and materials reuse.

ΗΜΕΡΟΛΟΓΙΟ 2023 Φεγγαρολόγιο με astral tips, φάσεις Σελήνης, Fine art εικονογράφηση

Handcrafted balance boards original & custom.

Handcrafted deco & original bird houses, reuse based wood.

handcrafted balloons available with light bulbs.

03 Digital art & Poster Prints

This category of karmasu is based on digital art, ink illustration, photo based art projects and graphic art commissions, on printable surfaces and paper.  


art printed on T-shirts, Totes and wearable pieces. Follow Karmasu.wear on social media , to see all the new collections & art projects.


This category is based on personalized art, commissioned art creations, custom mood board  made of your own mood boards & favorite art themes with the unique art vision of karmasu. design and mixed media.

various art & craft creations – older works



-Various –

Thank you !

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